What We Do

We develop Internet solutions that transform businesses by either reducing the cost of doing business and/or increasing sales. Our solutions are just about matching technology to a client's requirements. Here are some of the ways that we can add value to your project:

  • Business Requirements Review - although you know your business better than we do, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't provide an external perspective for their requirements. Our "outside looking in" perspective can either add to the strength of a requirement or identify side effects of fulfilling the requirement.
  • Business Process Automation - by reviewing your daily business operations we can identify areas of your business that can be automated or changed through the use of Internet technologies. Our business process re-engineering methods can be applied to any task from minor operations to major work-flow changes.
  • Case Scenario Testing - understanding your business, target market, and desired results, we will work with you to come up with test scenarios/profiles to make sure your primary and secondary target markets are getting what the experience/results that you intended for them to receive
  • Opportunities Expedition - during the entire project (from planning to implementation) we keep a part of our minds free to explore other opportunities. These are opportunities that can make a positive impact on the project by being implemented immediately or in the near or distant future.

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