Website Design

Since 1998 TRICORP has been designing websites both small and large. Although most of the websites today include a Content Management System (CMS) , website design is a broader offering that literally means the design of the website. Whether it’s a CMS or a Custom Internet Application or a simple website without any backend administration, we apply our expertise to produce functional and great looking websites.

We strive to develop all of our websites to W3C standards (a consortium that proposes standards for the web). This includes following the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) strategies and guidelines to make the websites more accessible to people with disabilities.

Our design process includes:

  • Initial consultation to find out more about the website requirements
  • Various design comps and revisions to get the perfect design
  • Converting the designs to compliant html and other design elements (e.g. CSS)
  • Implementing standard search engine optimization (SEO) techniques (e.g. meta tags, alternate text on images, etc.)
  • Adding content and testing all links

For a redesign of an existing site we also provide a site map of all the assets (pages, images, files) on the current site including any broken links.

Contact us today to get a free consultation/quote for your website project.