Flash/AIR Applications

Using Adobe Flash and AIR has its place. Designing a full website in Flash might not be the best solution. However adding image zooming or a desktop application that communicates with a web server are great ways to make use of these technologies.

Flash Applications

Our use of flash is mainly to meet functional requirements where certain animation or effect cannot be achieved using HTML related technologies. The target market is critical when deciding on using flash for a project. Things like browsers types, mobile devices, and accessibility for people with disabilities are some of the main considerations when adding flash to a project. Whenever possible we try to provide an alternative to either using flash or for people that do not have access or use of the technology.

Adobe AIR

When building a website or internet application there is only so much we can do to integrate content or functionality with a user's desktop. Enter Adobe AIR. With AIR we can build a flash type application that can run on your desktop and provide a wide range of features that we cannot get through a web browser due to security. Here are just a couple of possible uses for an AIR application:

  • file (documents, images, music) management between computer and server
  • applications that can be used on the desktop without an internet connection and update a web server when connected
  • desktop "widget" like displaying a ticker of information

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