About Us

TRICORP Technologies, Inc. started with basic website design in 1998. After a couple of years of static website development, the company started to provide custom programming and operational solutions to use the website for more than just a brochure. Since then we have provided solutions in almost every area of business including process automation, e-commerce, human resources, logistics, and more.

Customized Solutions

Although we don't reinvent the wheel when starting a project, we also don't try to fit everything into predefined solutions. Whether we are building a simple website or a content management system installation or automating a business process, we always make sure that the solution is tailored to the project requirements and not the other way around.

Expertise and Experience

By using TRICORP you not only get the solution that meets requirements, but you also get over a decade of experience and expertise that can help to exceed your requirements.All our clients receive our guidance, knowledge, and recommendations to help fine tune requirements, discover new opportunities, and/or identify possible problems. You can consider us as a third party audit of your requirements to identify the best possible solution.